Does anyone have suggestions for a collaborative cloud translation platform to help translate the HCD Toolkit?

There seem to be a lot of great collaborative solutions for either video or audio formats, but the HCD Toolkit is print (a book). We'd like people from around the world to be able to collaboratively contribute to the translation process. Any ideas?

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Adriana Olmos

And yes! I am more than interested to collaborate in the spanish translation side of things, similar to what was started at OpenIdeo by Sarah Fathallah, OpenTranslate.


Thanks for offering to help with the Spanish translation! We will be in touch soon once we get the system set up.

We've talked with our colleagues at OpenIDEO about the OpenTranslate project. It seems really wonderful. The one problem is that from a "text translation" perspective they are so far just using a Google doc. If possible we'd love to find a cloud based text translation platform that is a bit more full-functioned than just a Google Doc. But we're just not sure where to find it.

Indeed, below I am including some other examples:
. Crowdsourcing Translation with Captchas
Duolingo ( ) could be an example for this, they are under beta mode. This is also an article talking about this idea ( )

. Translate through a button
Fb is a platform that certainly went through this process, and for a while there was an experiment on crowd sourced translation. I am sure you have seen this, but just in case I am including some articles that I came across:

Emily Goligoski

I know that the Global Lives Project (which tells stories about people's daily lives through video) has had great success with the translation service DotSub. Translations are crowdsourced and often involve multiple people, which could be neat for this community as well.


Hi Emily. Thanks for your suggestion. We've looked at DotSub and definitely agree that it is a great platform. The problem is that it is designed for video, whereas we need a format that is designed for translating a book (the HCD Toolkit). Any ideas?

Got it, thanks. I'm asking a translator friend and will let you know if they have recommendations.

Adriana Olmos

Hello! ;-)
I will come back with other ideas once I explore deeper the HCD connect website, and answer this question directly… However, quickly as I am reading this for the first time several thoughts came to mind.

- Real case examples: A few years ago when I started to learn how to run usability studies one of the things that helped me a lot is watching the training videos from Nielsen that showed a usability study in action (various cases, not only the web screen based ones)… low and hi fidelity. Probably, the steps in the methods section could show examples of how this is done by the experts… real field case examples, within context of each step…

- Check lists: Once one is well versed and rehearsed in a process or method is always handy to have a check list of things… it helps if it is on your mobile device or computer. For example. I have moved many times in my life, so I am very used to the process… However, having a check list of the steps is handy. Recently, in my latest move I used an application called "Moving Van". I was thinking that having something similar for the HCD process might help to keep track where one is in the process and what to look after next.

- Deck cards (summary reminders): Creating frameworks and extracting key insights is a fun process… and this requires meeting and working with others… I find useful some of the techniques described in the gamestorming book by Sunni Brown and James Macanufo. They have a nice card deck similar to Ideo Method cards. Direct link to specific resources (in context) might help as well...

Et voila, for now. Excited to be here and be given the opportunity to be part of this beta testing exercise! This is great! :-)



Hi Adriana. Thanks so much for your feedback on the beta test. We'll be in touch with a more formal survey asking for your help in suggesting various improvements / fixing bugs, etc. For now, I'm going to move your comments to this answer and put them in our file of suggestions to fix / improve for the site. Thanks again for your support of HCD Connect!

Thank you! Yes, I realized that probably this comment should have been included elsewhere in the site.

Jin Ho Park

i'm trying to make up freelancer creator's union in korean.. i'd like to translate in korean with my friends.. as i searched lingotek or crowdin would have some solutions..