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Developing Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS) for small-scale hydro-power projects deployed by Indonesian non-profit IBEKA
Indonesia Engineers for a Sustainable World, Stanford; Indonesian non-profit IBEKA
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The Remote Monitoring System (RMS) project is a collaboration between Stanford Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) and the Indonesian non-profit People-centered Institute for Business and Economy (IBEKA). IBEKA, an award-winning organization focused on enabling sustainable rural development, has 20 years of experience installing community-owned micro-hydro systems in rural Indonesia. A major issue that IBEKA faces is the difficulty in finding a streamlined way to monitor each project post-construction and short-term supervision to ensure long-term sustainability. Two reasons that contribute greatly to this issue are that IBEKA has limited human resources and power generation sites in rural areas are often difficult, expensive, and time consuming to access. In order to address this issue, we will design an affordable and easily maintained micro-controller complemented by a user-friendly application that will store and analyze power generation data for use by IBEKA. Our aim is to provide IBEKA beneficiaries where community owned micro-hydro system technology exists to be able to monitor and improve the electrification systems. The project will be prototyped through June 2014 and implemented in one to five pilot communities by the end of the 2014 summer.

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An Integrated Solar Solution for Smallholder Farmers
Stanford, CA, United States Engineers for a Sustainable World / Stanford University
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Stanford students take on the challenge of designing an affordable multi-use solar solution for a smallholder farmer's domestic and agricultural needs.

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Parkwood Technology Center
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa Bottomup & iExperience
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Parkwood Primary is located in the Greater Parkwood-Grassy Park Area of the Cape Flats, outside of Cape Town, South Africa. The students at Parkwood Primary come mostly from the Parkwood and Ottery Flats (Project-based apartment housing built during the Apartheid Era). People who reside there are of the poorest in Cape Town, and many receive social grants. Most local schools in the area, including Parkwood, receive assistance from the Peninsula Feeding Scheme (for some learners this is the only meal they eat for the day). In 2014 Parkwood Primary will be designated as a state-sponsored non-fee paying school. Objective: to provide a satellite technology center for use by iExperience for programming education, and Bottomup for Khan Academy and Parkwood Primary student education.

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April 19, 2014
Debating with fellow citizens the Future of our cities

We need to create more debate around local issues that affect our cities. In Portugal a team of 26 college students and first-time job seekers are trying to start a conversation around the important issues, while developing objective solutions.

April 19, 2014
Week 3 Spring 2014 Update

A weekly update from the RMS team

April 17, 2014
Carol and Joe have returned!

Carol and Joe are back from their recon trip to India

April 17, 2014
Beginning the Conceptual Design phase

We have three design concepts so far, and will be presenting them to our partner organizations next week!

April 16, 2014
Week 3: Getting to Work

Progress is being made!

April 15, 2014
Going to Cape Town

Two members of our team now has funding to visit Parkwood Primary in May to assist Parkwood, Bottomup and iExperience with numerous tasks that will allow the Parkwood Primary Technology Center to be a great success.

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