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Tracking Enrollment of Community Health Insurance in Rural Rwanda

Global Health Corps Fellows working with Access Project explore how to improve the tracking of community health insurance enrollment for people within rural Rwanda.

One aspect of improving overall health center utilization is ensuring that individuals and families are enrolled in the community-based health scheme. There is an opportunity to improve the tracking and reporting of enrollment at health centers so that district health management can better enforce timely payment by beneficiaries and understand which areas require further outreach. 

How did you use the HCD Toolkit and / or human-centered design as part of the project?

The project team used the HCD methodology for understanding the end-to-end patient healthcare experience in rural communities. An initial "What do we know?" session was conducted where team members exchanged knowledge and past experiences in community health insurance management. In addition, various participants were recruited for interviews and further research - health center staff, community health workers, village leaders, district supervisiors, hospital supervisors and patients. 

What was the biggest challenge that the project faced? Did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge was in filling the resource gaps at health centers. Most health centers in the district were still trying to address limitations in staff - most health insurance management services did not have sufficient number of qualified staff.

What is (or will be) the impact of your project?

Opportunities to improve internal and external management processes of community health insurance were identified. The development of an electronic beneficiary database to ease the tracking of contributions and reporting of services rendered for each health center proved to be important. In addition, a new process for annual payment collection and distribution of health insurance cards was introduced to increase transparency for district health management. 

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sean hewens

Heena, what a great story. When does the deep dive begin? You might want to check in with Yervant (, who has used the HCD Toolkit while working to improve the hospital experience in Canada. I'm sure it's a much different setting than Rwanda, but I'd also be curious what the similarities are that you've found in your research.

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Thanks Sean, yes we plan to formally begin the deep dive within the next month. I'll definitely get in touch with Yervant, sounds like there could be some parallels in research.