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Natural Rearing Technology to Improve Livelihoods in Rural Communities

Sharing guinea fowl production technology with small business in order to strengthen rural communities.

Anibirds Farm is the most recognized and highly skilled guinea fowl farm in northern Ghana. They manufacture guinea fowl incubators and provide hatching and brooding services, while also producing thousands of birds every month. Located within Tamale, they are currently expanding with the aims of higher capacity and sharing technology with other smallholder guinea fowl farmers.

Guinea fowl in Ghana is a delicacy and demand for the bird is very high. But a lack of knowledge and expertise has led to high infertility of eggs and high mortality rate of keets. This lack of knowledge is in both public and private institutions, and therefore production rates cannot meet demand.

As a leader in local production, Anibirds wants to share their incubator and hatching technology with smallholder producers to grow the industry and local communities. Anibirds has the goal of providing incubators and their expertise to rural communities in order to strengthen and grow smallholder producers. By decreasing infertility and mortality, Anibirds will be able to strenthen rural communities and create jobs in a high-demand market.

How did you use the HCD Toolkit and / or human-centered design as part of the project?

HCD was used in the planning of this project, especially the idea of trying out a model. The first communities to benefit from these services will be a small pilot project, with the aims of scaling up upon its success. Additionally, outgrower services are widely used in the agriculture industry but not in poultry production. Anibirds is building on this idea to incorporate outgrower services to a new industry.

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