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Pineapple Academy of Indonesia

Pineapple academy of Indonesia is the holistic project to accelerate pineapple local farmers well-being through knowledge enlightenment in re-designing agricultural system, re-managing waste utilization and re-innovating the post-harvest technology. 

This project formulates best innovative solution which will be given through 3 designated sevices & products; that are :

1. Re-designing agricultural system: Empowering the pineapple local farmer's technical capacity through FPR (Farmer Participatory Research) method for transforming the pineapple agricultural system from conventional method into organic farming ones.

2. Re-managing waste utilization: Providing an appropiate technology in order to utilize pineapple agricultural waste such as producing natural fiber from pineapple leaf waste.

3. Re-innovating post-harvest tech: Encouraging the farmers and their community to make an innovation in pineapple post-harvest tech, such us making pineapple vinegar, nata de pina etc. 

How did you use the HCD Toolkit and / or human-centered design as part of the project?

Using HCD toolkits in almost one year has been benefited our team to better understanding the people to whom this project are designed for. Regards to the HCD methods that we used in this project, we have some experiences in using Hear and Create Phase methods only.In term of Hear phase, we were glad to choose 3 methods that are individual interview, In context immersion, and community driven discovery.

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